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Kentucky Legal Practice Materials

The guide includes Kentucky specific treatises, manuals, form books, and continuing legal education (CLE) publications. The resources are arranged according to field of law. This resource includes items which are regularly updated.

Kentucky Practice & Procedure

Appellate Practice                Vol. 19 - Kentucky Practice Series                 [Print & Westlaw]
Includes: operation of Kentucky’s appellate courts, appealable decisions, time, initiation of appeal, motions for discretionary review, brief format and requirements, oral argument, appeals from district court, appeals from administrative agencies, criminal appeals, costs and delay damages, and rules.

Baldwin’s Kentucky Lawyer’s Handbook With Forms     Thomson-Reuters         [Print Only]

Vol. 1 - Civil Practice & Appellate Practice;  Vol. 2 - Criminal Practice; and Vol. 3 Miscellaneous
Includes: pleadings and practice in the Kentucky Court of Appeals, prehearing conference procedure, record on appeals, and discretionary jurisdiction.  Pleadings and practice in the Kentucky Supreme Court, particular kinds of proceedings before the Kentucky Supreme Court, sample forms, and timetables.  Includes: probate practice, juvenile practice, eminent domain, small claims actions, and workers’ compensation.

Basic Appellate Practice Handbook and Checklist of Briefs    
Kentucky Court of Appeals Website

Document is linked to from the Kentucky Court of Appeals website  Explains the basic procedures and describes the numerous rules governing appellate practice for attorneys. 

Elements of an Action           Vol. 21 - Kentucky Practice Series              [Print & Westlaw]
Includes: defenses, checklist, sample pleadings, jury instructions, and jury verdicts for the following actions:  dog bites, business torts, breach of contract, dram shop, wrongful discharge, false imprisonment, fraud, government tort liability, insurance bad faith, libel and slander, malicious prosecution, nuisance, negligence, premises liability, privacy, products liability, and wrongful death.

Methods of Practice    Vols. 4, 4A & 5 - Kentucky Practice Series             [Print & Westlaw]

Includes: commercial transactions, uniform commercial code, contracts, creditors, breach of contract, remedies, bankruptcy, business organizations, workers’ compensation, employment relationships, wills and probate, trial practice and procedure, pleadings, motions, depositions, jury trials, evidence law, jury instructions, appellate practice, specific proceedings, injunctions, settlements, domestic relations, guardianships, and forms.

Trial Handbook for Kentucky Lawyers   
Kentucky Handbook Series, Thomson-Reuters                                         [Print & Westlaw]

Includes:  conduct of trial, trial preparation, trial preparation checklists, trial notebook, defenses, prosecution, double jeopardy, continuances, contempt, jury or nonjury trial, settlements, search & seizure, jury panel, voir dire, open statements, burden of proof, witnesses, direct examinations, cross-examinations, evidence rules, impeachment, privileges, hearsay, documentary evidence, negligence, prior crimes, confessions, directed verdict, jury instructions, verdict, and final judgment.

Trial Practice                  Vol. 14 - Kentucky Practice Series                     [Print & Westlaw]

Includes: building a personal injury practice, causes of action -mental and emotional injuries, pre-litigation civil lawsuits, expert witnesses, complaints and answers, discovery, the trial, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, product liability, no-fault insurance, settlements,  and alternative dispute resolutions.  Be careful as the source has not been updated since 1999.


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