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Kentucky Legal Practice Materials

The guide includes Kentucky specific treatises, manuals, form books, and continuing legal education (CLE) publications. The resources are arranged according to field of law. This resource includes items which are regularly updated.

Kentucky Civil Procedure

Baldwin’s Kentucky Lawyer’s Handbook With Forms        Thomson-Reuters          [Print Only]
Vol. 1 - Civil Practice & Appellate Practice;  Vol. 2 - Criminal Practice; and Vol. 3 Miscellaneous
Includes: complaint, service of process, service of pleadings, time, motions and answers with sample forms, signatures, counterclaims, pretrial procedure, parties, depositions and discovery, demand for jury trial, claims for trial, introduction of evidence, subpoena, arbitration, instructions to jury, judgments and appeals.

Civil Procedure Forms                 Vols. 11 & 12- Kentucky Practice Series      [Print & Westlaw]

Offers sample civil procedure forms which you can adapt to your situation.  Includes statements of law and references to primary or secondary authority.

Kentucky Civil Practice Before Trial                                   UK-CLE                     [Print & Lexis]
Describes the courts in the Commonwealth, factual investigation, judicial jurisdiction, venue, service of process, claims for relief, responsive pleadings, motion practice, other pleading issues, Rule 11, extraordinary remedies, depositions, discovery, issues in electronic discovery, expert witnesses, negotiation and settlement, mediation, pretrial conference, and some forms and checklists.

Kentucky Civil Practice At Trial                                          UK-CLE                     [Print & Lexis]
Describes the role of trial counsel, preparation for trial and organization of materials, juries, bench trial, opening statements, evidentiary concerns, witnesses, expert witnesses, settlement during trial, jury instructions, closing arguments, judgments, post-trial proceedings, and some forms and checklists.

Kentucky Civil Practice After Trial                                      UK-CLE                    [Print & Lexis]
Includes: advising the client before appeal, overview of Kentucky appellate courts, appealability of Kentucky state court judgments, extraordinary appellate remedies, preparing and filing the appeal, judicial review of administrative decisions, motion practice on appeal, standards of review, briefs, decisions without oral argument, oral advocacy, post-decision proceedings in appellate practice, sanctions, costs and  attorneys’ fees on appeal, and collateral effects of judgment on appeal.  

Kentucky Summary Judgment & Related Termination Motions
Vol. 22 - Kentucky Practice Series                                                                  [Print & Westlaw]

Sample motions and citations to support or oppose the following actions:  motion to quash, motion to dismiss, motion to strike, motion for judgment on pleadings, summary judgment, and dismissal motions.

Rules of Civil Procedure Annotated   Vols. 6 & 7 - Kentucky Practice Series  [Print & Westlaw]
Describes the meaning and the application of the Kentucky Civil Rules.  Includes tips for using the rules and citations to cases demonstrating intent as the courts interpret the laws.

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