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Kentucky Legal Practice Materials

The guide includes Kentucky specific treatises, manuals, form books, and continuing legal education (CLE) publications. The resources are arranged according to field of law. This resource includes items which are regularly updated.

Kentucky Wills/Probate/Estates

Baldwin’s Kentucky Wills and Trusts         Thomson-Reuters                          [Print & Westlaw]
An estate planning guide which covers, wills, trusts, taxation, intestate succession, life insurance, retirement plans, inheritance, valuation of assets, gifts, general will forms, marital deduction, life insurance trust, educational trust, and planning for the care of the disabled.

Kentucky Estate Administration                               UK-CLE                                [Print & Lexis]

Professional responsibility in estate & trust work, intestacy, probating the will, inventorying the estate, spousal rights, claims against the estate, disposing of business property, distributing assets, inheritance tax, final settlement issues, estate litigation, and compensating the attorney.

Kentucky Estate Planning                                       UK-CLE                                 [Print & Lexis]

Includes: basic estate planning documents, lifetime gifts, trusts, a basic will, advance directives, irrevocable trusts, charitable planning, special needs trusts, long term care, business succession, retirement benefits, and an annotated will.

Kentucky Intestacy Law                                          UK-CLE                                 [Print & Lexis]
Includes: descent of realty, law governing succession, family protection devices, homestead exemption, shares to takers, degrees of relationship, out-of-wedlock heirs, half-blood heirs, step heirs, alien heirs, homicide, adultery, bigamy, divorce, suicide, and other transactions affecting inheritance.

Kentucky Probate                             Lexis - Matthew Bender                             [Print & Lexis]

Probate law and practice with forms.

Probate Practice and Procedure   Vols. 1 & 2 - Kentucky Practice Series      [Print & Westlaw]
Features a comprehensive analysis of probate issues including: intestate succession, competency to make a will, execution of wills, function of probate and administration, appointment of fiduciaries, compensations and costs, who may contest the will, wrongful death, presentation and payment of claims, taxes, actions to settle the estate, distribution of the estate, and sample forms.

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