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Kentucky Legal Practice Materials

The guide includes Kentucky specific treatises, manuals, form books, and continuing legal education (CLE) publications. The resources are arranged according to field of law. This resource includes items which are regularly updated.

Kentucky Criminal Law & Procedure

Baldwin’s Kentucky Lawyer’s Handbook With Forms     Thomson-Reuters             [Print Only]
Vol. 1 - Civil Practice & Appellate Practice;  Vol. 2 - Criminal Practice; and Vol. 3 Miscellaneous
Includes: complaint, summons, preliminary hearing, grand jury, indictment, warrant , arraignment and plea, pretrial bail, driving under the influence, petit jury, subpoenas, pleadings, proceedings at trial, judgment and sentence, appeal and post-conviction relief.  Appendix C - Elements of Crimes, Statutory Charges and Indictments is especially helpful.

Criminal Practice and Procedure    Vols. 8 & 9 - Kentucky Practice Series     [Print & Westlaw]
Includes:  arrest warrant, extradition, arraignment, bail, defense counsel, prosecutors, district court, preliminary hearing, grand jury, speedy trial, double jeopardy, competency hearing, exclusionary rule, search & seizure, confessions, lineups, discovery, guilty pleas, depositions, trial procedure, jury instructions, closing argument, jury deliberation, sentencing, post-trial procedure, and some forms.

Kentucky Criminal Law                                   Lexis-Matthew Bender                  [Print & Lexis]

Includes: Kentucky penal code,definition of offenses, time limitations on prosecution, burden of proof, liability, parities, justification, unfair prosecution, inchoate offenses, homicide,  assault, kidnapping, sexual offenses, burglary, theft, business crimes, governmental offenses, drug offenses, harassment, loitering, and sentencing.

Kentucky Criminal Offenses Manual                UK-CLE                                            [Lexis Only]
Includes: punishment and ranges of punishment for all criminal offenses in the Commonwealth. Mirrors the organization of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Substantive Criminal Law          Vols. 10 & 10A - Kentucky Practice Series   [Print & Westlaw]
Includes:  punishments under the Kentucky penal code, principles of criminal law, parties to crime, crimes against persons, defenses, offenses against property, fraudulent business practices, public administration offenses, public health & morals offenses, motor vehicle offenses, controlled substances, elections, revenue & tax,  and conduct related to other issues.

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