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Kentucky Legal Practice Materials

The guide includes Kentucky specific treatises, manuals, form books, and continuing legal education (CLE) publications. The resources are arranged according to field of law. This resource includes items which are regularly updated.

Kentucky Employment/Labor Law

Business Essentials: Sample Policies and Forms for Employers 
KY Chamber of Commerce                                                                                 [Print Only]

Includes:  documentation requirements, best employee practices, pre-hire steps, hiring, conditions of employment, employee status, work schedule, pay, privacy, benefits, job descriptions, accommodations, evaluations, and promotions.

An Employer’s Guide to Kentucky Wage and Hour Issues 
KY Chamber of Commerce                                                                                [Print Only]

Includes:  independent contractors, child labor law, payment of wages, determination of hours, exemptions from overtime, benefits, garnishments recordkeeping, and enforcement.

Employment Law in Kentucky                           UK-CLE                                [Print & Lexis]
Includes: overview of federal and Kentucky constitutional and statutory provisions affecting employment in Kentucky, wage & hour issues, classification of employees, employment-at-will doctrine and exceptions, discrimination in employment, discrimination based upon age or disability, workplace harassment, privacy issues, immigration issues, ERISA, unemployment compensation, the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Act, family and medical leave, and OSHA compliance.

Kentucky Employment and Labor Law: Forms and Practice Manual 
Data Trace Pub.                                                                                               [Print Only]

Includes: employment contract, tort theories and statutes, public sector employment, collective bargaining, unemployment insurance, employment discrimination, wages and hours, and sample forms.

The Kentucky Employee Benefits Guide          KY Chamber of Commerce      [Print Only]
Includes: employee communications, fiduciary responsibilities, health benefit plans, fringe benefits, retirement plans, time off and leaves of absence, and severance benefits.

The Kentucky Employer’s Guide to Hiring and Firing 
KY Chamber of Commerce                                                                              [Print Only]

Includes: search for applicants, the interview, testing, background checks, negligence, the time of hiring, privacy issues, employee discipline, layoff procedures, terminations, and recordkeeping requirements.

The Kentucky Unemployment Compensation Handbook    
KY Chamber of Commerce                                                                              [Print Only]

Focuses on unemployment insurance law and regulations.  Describes how the regulations work and how the commission administers the regulations. 

Understanding Human Resource Issues and Personnel Law: A Guide to Kentucky and Federal Regulations     KY Chamber of Commerce                                                     [Print Only]  
Includes: hiring practices, employment-at-will, independent contractors, immigration issues, wage and hour, civil rights, age discrimination, disability discrimination, mental disabilities, harassment, drugs and alcohol, leaves of absence, military service, workplace privacy, employee benefits, unions, safety, workers’ compensation, layoffs, terminations, and unemployment compensation.

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