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HeinOnline User Guide

Guide Overview

This guide provides a quick overview of HeinOnline and its various functions. The guide can be used by students, faculty members, lawyers, and the general public.

What is HeinOnline?

HeinOnline is a premier online research product with more than 100 million pages of legal history available in an online, fully-searchable, image-based format. HeinOnline contains law journals as well as the Congressional Record Bound volumes in entirety, complete coverage of the U.S. Reports back to 1754, famous world trials dating back to the early 1700′s, legal classics from the 16th to the 20th centuries, the United Nations and League of Nations Treaty Series, all United States Treaties, the Federal Register from inception in 1936, the CFR from inception in 1938, and much more.

HeinOnline provides exact page images of the documents in PDF format just as they appear in the original print. This means that all charts, graphs, tables, pictures, hand written notes, photographs, and footnotes appear where they belong!  

More about Hein

The following documents contains more detail about the different aspects of HeinOnline in their words. For a more in-depth description of the different aspects of NKU's HeinOnline subscription, explore this guide. Please keep in mind that this is not specific to NKU Chase and may contain information that is not relevant to NKU Chase.