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Chase Law Faculty - Support For Research & Scholarship

Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP)

The Chase Law Library supplements the traditional Law Student Research Assistant program offered through the Dean's Office. The Law Library provides assistance with short projects, non-law research projects, or projects which require a quick turn-around time.

Carol Furnish coordinates the FRAP program and hires one to two law students to conduct research for the law faculty. Typically, the FRAP students, under the supervision of a law librarian, investigates and gathers information which addresses the research issue. The students provide a memorandum summarizing the research process, e.g., where looked, what found, on-line queries used, etc., so that a project can be updated easily or continued in the future by others.

The Library makes every effort to satisfy all faculty requests for research assistance.

When Submitting A Research Request:

  • Submit requests via email to Carol Furnish, Assistant Director for Instruction & Outreach Services.
  • Briefly describe your research project.
  • List any research completed and any recommendations as to sources to check.
  • Include any deadlines.

Contact Information:
Carol Furnish
Phone: x5396 Email: