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Kentucky Legal Research

Kentucky General Assembly & Legislative Research Commission

Kentucky General Assembly
The Kentucky legislature convenes in the regular session for 60 days in even-numbered years and for 30 days in odd-numbered years. The governor may call a special session. The Kentucky Constitution mandates that a regular session be completed by April 15 in even-numbered years and by March 30 in odd-numbered years.

Standing Committees + Interim Committees
Bills which are introduced are assigned to a standing committee, and the assignments are determined by the subject of the bill.  Bills are often pre-filed before the legislature meets and interim committees are responsible for drafting bills which are prefiled before the legislature meets.  For more details, access the About Standing Committees and Committee Information websites.

The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission - LRC
Phone: (502) 564-8100
LRC is a full-time service body for the legislature.  The LRC provides committee staffing; bill drafting; oversight of the state budget and educational reform; production of educational materials; maintenance of a reference library and Internet site; and the preparation and printing of research reports, informational bulletins and a legislative newspaper.

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Provides:

Kentucky Bills

The following websites provide access to current bills, legislative news, and bill tracking services.

Finding Kentucky Legislative News:

Kentucky Acts

Kentucky Acts
Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Final session laws arranged in chronological order and produced by the Legislative Research Commission.

Effective Date of Acts
The Kentucky Constitution specifies that an act becomes law 90 days after the General Assembly Adjourns, unless the act contains a delayed effective date or an emergency clause.

Kentucky Revised Statutes - Explanation

The Legislative Research Commission is responsible for the codification process for Kentucky laws.  There are two official/certified editions of the Kentucky Revised Statutes [KRS] and both editions are annotated. The state statutes are divided by subject into forty-four titles which are further divided into chapters, which are further divided into sections.

  • Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated - West
    Call Number: KFK 1230 .2005
  • Michie's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated - LexisNexis
    Call Number: KFK 1230 .1970

Kentucky Revised Statutes - Online & Web